How To Make Your Own Jewelry

Jewelry is a set of small decorative materials worn as rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces for purposes of personal adornment. Such materials could include gemstones, precious metals, enamel, amber and coral, and shells. People nowadays prefer making their own tanzantie jewels either as a form of business or as part of fulfilling one’s desire and satisfaction. 
Below are steps on how to make your own jewelry. 

i. Get a collection of different ideas 

When designing your own jewelry, get ideas on the design of jewelry that you want to settle with. This could be from your own collections, visiting stores that specialize in jewelry or even looking at what your friends have and also fashion magazines. 

ii. Select the materials to use 

After getting an idea of what you want to make, decide on the materials to use. Choice of materials could be influenced by one’s taste, necessity or availability of a particular material. You could go for metals inform of chains and rings that are used to bind stones or gemstones. Metal could be gold or copper which is dependent on your taste and preference. Some people would prefer traditional alternative materials such as plastic, wood and resin making the best out of them. 

iii. Sketch your image 

Sketching an image helps you to come up with an appropriate design of your jewelry. It will also help you to plan how large or long your different materials should be, thus minimizing wastage of materials. Tools like stencils, rulers and tracing paper will come in handy to facilitate your sketch image. 

iv. Gather your supplies 

The next step is to gather all your supplies depending on your design. Get chains in case you have chosen to attach beads or charms. Chains, strings and wires will be used with clasps which could be either lobster clasp or barrel clasp. If you need some uniqueness in your jewelry, then gemstones such as rubies or diamonds could work very well. After collecting the necessary materials, proceed to attach the materials in case you are using chains and charms. If you are using beads and strings, then thread the beads together and put the clasps on the end. 

Jewelry made from either of different designs will always be of importance since it has been an integral part of the human cultures. Jewelry will be used by human beings to flaunt their social and cultural status while others will use it in occasions such as wedding anniversaries and other special occasions.

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