The Beauty of Blue Tanzanite Engagement Rings

The Beauty of Blue Tanzanite Engagement Rings

The purchase of an engagement ring signifies a major next step in your life together with your chosen partner, and as such, is an important moment in both your lives. This moment should be commemorated with an engagement ring that not only symbolizes the beauty of your love, but highlights to the world the uniqueness of your loved one, and his or her personality as well. It is because of these reasons that there has been a shift in the recent years from traditional, plain diamond engagement rings to other, more uncommon choices.

Of these, our favorite (it probably comes as no surprise!) is the option of a tanzanite engagement ring. Why? Because of the beauty of tanzanite engagement rings.

Why Blue is Beautiful

You might have noticed that blue is a favorite color of many people, and this is not just a coincidence. A worldwide survey conducted in 2015 revealed that blue was the most popular color in 10 countries, across four continents—making it the most popular color out of all the colors polled. (Those colors being: blue, red, green, purple, black, pink, yellow, orange, white & brown.) This perhaps is why 53% of the world flags continue the color blue, denim is worn throughout the world, and even Greeks believed that the color blue warded against “The Evil Eye.”

The color blue tends to be more popular with men over women in the U.S. (the split being 40% to 24%), women still picked blue as their favorite color more often than any other color choice. Thus, as a safe bet, if you’re looking to surprise your loved one, a tanzanite engagement ring would be a great option from

Blue even crosses racial lines, as blue is still preferred by roughly equal numbers across racial subgroups, with 30% of whites noting it as their favorite color, 35% of blacks, and 35% Hispanics.

The beauty of tanzanite engagement rings tap into this love of blue. Blue is the color of water and the sky, embraced by blue jeans and many corporate logos. Blue can easily match many different outfits and styles, which is again why a blue-hued tanzanite ring is a perfect choice for an engagement ring, as its daily wear will complement whatever your loved one decides to don that day.

Not only that but blue as a color symbolizes a sense of trust, loyalty, clarity, and understanding – all aspects that you want when you’re starting out on a journey of marriage together.

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