How To Make Your Own Jewelry

Jewelry is a set of small decorative materials worn as rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces for purposes of personal adornment. Such materials could include gemstones, precious metals, enamel, amber and coral, and shells. People nowadays prefer making their own tanzantie jewels either as a form of business or as part of fulfilling one’s desire and satisfaction. 
Below are steps on how to make your own jewelry. 

i. Get a collection of different ideas 

When designing your own jewelry, get ideas on the design of jewelry that you want to settle with. This could be from your own collections, visiting stores that specialize in jewelry or even looking at what your friends have and also fashion magazines. 

ii. Select the materials to use 

After getting an idea of what you want to make, decide on the materials to use. Choice of materials could be influenced by one’s taste, necessity or availability of a particular material. You could go for metals inform of chains and rings that are used to bind stones or gemstones. Metal could be gold or copper which is dependent on your taste and preference. Some people would prefer traditional alternative materials such as plastic, wood and resin making the best out of them. 

iii. Sketch your image 

Sketching an image helps you to come up with an appropriate design of your jewelry. It will also help you to plan how large or long your different materials should be, thus minimizing wastage of materials. Tools like stencils, rulers and tracing paper will come in handy to facilitate your sketch image. 

iv. Gather your supplies 

The next step is to gather all your supplies depending on your design. Get chains in case you have chosen to attach beads or charms. Chains, strings and wires will be used with clasps which could be either lobster clasp or barrel clasp. If you need some uniqueness in your jewelry, then gemstones such as rubies or diamonds could work very well. After collecting the necessary materials, proceed to attach the materials in case you are using chains and charms. If you are using beads and strings, then thread the beads together and put the clasps on the end. 

Jewelry made from either of different designs will always be of importance since it has been an integral part of the human cultures. Jewelry will be used by human beings to flaunt their social and cultural status while others will use it in occasions such as wedding anniversaries and other special occasions.

Simonov SKS vs. AR-15

Simonov SKS


Type Semi-automatic Rifle
Weight 3.86kg
Length 1022mm
Barrel Length 520mm
Rifling 4 grooves, RH
Magazine Capacity 10 rounds
Caliber 7.62 x 39mm M1943
Muzzle Velocity 735 meters/second
Country of Origin Russia

The Simonov SKS (Samozariadnyia Karabina Simonova) was the first firearm to utilize the ‘intermediate’ Soviet M1943 cartridge. The history of this cartridge is somewhat blurred, but it is known that the Soviets were experimenting with short cartridges in different calibers before the war. Even so, it is generally accepted that it was the introduction of the German MP44 that prompted the Soviets to capitalize their previous work.

This led to the development of the 7.62 x 39mm M1943 round. Although the Simonov SKS was important for the introduction to this round, it is a relatively uninspired design.

The SKS is easy to operate, robust, but a little heavy for the cartridge it fires, mainly attributed because the SKS was developed under wartime pressures.

VS The AR-15

The system of operation appears to be borrowed from the Soviet PTRS anti-tank rifle; locking being done by the same type of tipping bolt. We purchasing a competing AR Upper Receiver For Sale – look out for those features. Stripping and maintenance on the SKS is easy, and the hinged bayonet and one-piece wooden stock are also desirable features. Loading can be completed with chargers or by inserting single rounds in the magazine. Unloading can be quickly accomplished by releasing the pivoting magazine cover, swinging it away from the receiver and spilling out the rounds.

Huge numbers (estimated 15 million) of these carbines have been produced, and although they are no longer used in the Russian army, they have appeared in almost every Soviet Bloc country in the world. Production of this rifle has also occurred in several countries with slight modification; in Yugoslavia it is known as the M59, in China it is the Type 56. North Korea also has it’s own version, the Type 63, and the former East German version was known as the Karabiner-S.

Home Post


Acadia Restaurant is a casual fine dining restaurant located in the Historic Hillcrest district of Little Rock, Arkansas, and is the perfect restaurant for a romantic evening out, business engagement, or relaxed dinner on our three-tiered deck.

You find our favorite restaurants in the Arkansas area in addition to more information regarding all things related to food!

Acadia is a casual fine dining restaurant located in the Historic Hillcrest district of Little Rock. With an ever-changing menu and the city’s most eclectic wine list, Acadia is the perfect spot for a romantic evening out, business engagement, or relaxed dinner on our three-tiered deck.

Private dining rooms cater to all parties, large or small, while our numerous awards attest to the high standard to which we have held ourselves since opening in July 1999.

Owner Bio

Arkansas native James Hale began his culinary career in 1993 in New Orleans. He moved home in 1995 and worked as sous chef at two historic Little Rock restaurants, Spaulé and Andre’s Hillcrest.

James opened Acadia Restaurant in July of 1999. Chef Hale was the winner of the “Apprentice of the Year” award by the Arkansas ACF Chapter in 1997, and in 2008, James was a James Beard Award semi-finalist for Chef of the Year in the South Region.

Manager Bio

Gregory Robinson joined Acadia Restaurant in February of 2001. Under his direction, Acadia has received awards for its service and numerous awards for its wine list including the “Award of Excellence” from Wine Spectator magazine in 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2009.

The Beauty of Blue Tanzanite Engagement Rings

The Beauty of Blue Tanzanite Engagement Rings

The purchase of an engagement ring signifies a major next step in your life together with your chosen partner, and as such, is an important moment in both your lives. This moment should be commemorated with an engagement ring that not only symbolizes the beauty of your love, but highlights to the world the uniqueness of your loved one, and his or her personality as well. It is because of these reasons that there has been a shift in the recent years from traditional, plain diamond engagement rings to other, more uncommon choices.

Of these, our favorite (it probably comes as no surprise!) is the option of a tanzanite engagement ring. Why? Because of the beauty of tanzanite engagement rings.

Why Blue is Beautiful

You might have noticed that blue is a favorite color of many people, and this is not just a coincidence. A worldwide survey conducted in 2015 revealed that blue was the most popular color in 10 countries, across four continents—making it the most popular color out of all the colors polled. (Those colors being: blue, red, green, purple, black, pink, yellow, orange, white & brown.) This perhaps is why 53% of the world flags continue the color blue, denim is worn throughout the world, and even Greeks believed that the color blue warded against “The Evil Eye.”

The color blue tends to be more popular with men over women in the U.S. (the split being 40% to 24%), women still picked blue as their favorite color more often than any other color choice. Thus, as a safe bet, if you’re looking to surprise your loved one, a tanzanite engagement ring would be a great option from

Blue even crosses racial lines, as blue is still preferred by roughly equal numbers across racial subgroups, with 30% of whites noting it as their favorite color, 35% of blacks, and 35% Hispanics.

The beauty of tanzanite engagement rings tap into this love of blue. Blue is the color of water and the sky, embraced by blue jeans and many corporate logos. Blue can easily match many different outfits and styles, which is again why a blue-hued tanzanite ring is a perfect choice for an engagement ring, as its daily wear will complement whatever your loved one decides to don that day.

Not only that but blue as a color symbolizes a sense of trust, loyalty, clarity, and understanding – all aspects that you want when you’re starting out on a journey of marriage together.

Strength Training With The Bowflex Conquest Bowflex Home Gym

Whether you are a serious body builder, or just looking to get a little bit more toned, the Bowflex Conquest deserves a careful look.   Bowflex home workout machines have been extremely popular since they were first released in the 1980’s.   The Bowflex Conquest, like many in the Bowflex line, offers a staggeringly wide variety of workouts.  One Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym unit takes the place of a gym full of free weights and workout machines.

The ingenious design of the Bowflex uses, Bowflex own designed, Power Rods.  Power Rods take the place of traditional weights by using a tension/resistance model.  As you push or pull during a workout, a pulley system is activated pulling down the Power Rods.  As this is done, the Power Rods are forced to arc or “bow” (hence the name Bowflex).  In order to bow the Power Rods a certain amount of pressure is required from the user.  This pressure is matched to the amount of pressure required to lift heavy weights.   The amount of pressure is then matched and numbered to match the exact weight it is mimicking.   The results achieved through use of the Power Rods with a Bowflex and using traditional weights are nearly the same.   This allows for a highly compact and lightweight overall machine.


So what makes the Bowflex Conquest so special?  Well besides the obvious point of bringing the functionality of nearly an entire gym into the comfort of your home, the Bowflex Conquest boasts 210 pounds of Power Rod resistance.  The Bowflex Conquest also offers over 60 unique exercises and workouts!   All of this from just one compact workout machine. Bowflex Power Rods resistance feels almost identical (or even better) than free weights but they do not have the inertia of free weights.  This means that you are not risking joint damage and/or pain as you do when working out with free weights.    This single fact makes the design a better suited machine than the centuries old free weight model according to this bowflex review.

It doesn’t matter if you just want to get a simple workout each day or if you’re hoping to win a body building competition.   The Bowflex Conquest will meet all of your individual needs as a weight trainer.    There are many home gyms and imitators, but there is just one Bowflex.  The Bowflex Conquest is a great solution and will even be able to replace your gym membership.  If you are currently paying a monthly gym membership fee, you will find that your Bowflex Conquest will pay for itself after just a handful of months.   It deserves a second look to be sure.